People on the internet who have interesting things to say and whom I learn from.

  • Paul Graham - Co-founder of Y Combinator - writes wonderful essays about startups, life, culture and a whole bunch of other things (Twitter)
  • Patrick Collison - CEO of Stripe - writes about books, progress, culture etc. (Twitter)
  • Paras Chopra - Founder of Wingify - writes about tech, philosophy, psychology, economics and mental models (Twitter)
  • Naval Ravikant - CEO of Angellist - writes about philosophy, systems, living etc. (Twitter)
  • Shreyas Doshi - Product Manager at Stripe - tweets about frameworks and best practices for product managers (Twitter)
  • Adam Grant - Organisational Psychology professor at Wharton - writes about making work better and more meaningful (Twitter)
  • Sam Altman - CEO of OpenAI - writes about startups and life (Twitter)
  • Nathan Baschez - Co-founder of Every - writes about business strategy (Twitter)
  • Ben Thompson - Author/Founder of Stratechery - a daily newsletter analysing the day-to-day happenings of the tech world in depth (Twitter)
  • Balaji S - Former CTO of Coinbase, Investor at Andressen Horowitz - writes about crypto, decentralisation, sociopolitical and economic issues (Twitter)
  • James Clear - Author of Atomic Habits - writes about habits and high-performance (Twitter)
  • Scott Alexander - Psychiatrist & Blogger - writes about science, medicine, philosophy, politics, and futurism (Twitter)
  • Andrew Huberman - Neuroscientist and professor in the department of neurobiology at Stanford School of Medicine - talks about science, working of the brain, health and fitness (Twitter)
  • Morgan Housel - Partner at Collaborative Fund - writes about the psychology of money and ways in which the world works (Twitter)
  • Ali Abdaal - Doctor turned YouTuber and Podcaster - talks about productivity, happiness and leading a better life (Twitter)
  • Jordan Peterson - Author, Psychologist and Professor at the University of Toronto - talks about gender, psychology, philosophy, religion and growth (Twitter)