On finding that someone

Find someone who wakes you up with their sweet voice. The person you don’t like waking up because you want them to grab those extra minutes of sleep, who hates you for this and yet you do it over and over again. Find the one who teases you by calling you embarrassing names in public, who you call cute names. 

Find someone who cooks you your favourite breakfast, someone who makes you want to cook for them. Find the person who makes you want to embarrassingly dance, sing and write for them, someone who unabashedly does the same for you for having the comfort to do this matters much more than the actual value of these creations.

Find someone who you call when you don’t have anything better to do, someone who calls you while they are in the middle of something super important just because they want to talk to you. Find the one who makes time stop, with whom you want the time to stop.

Find someone who makes humdrum chores eventful, who makes you feel the sense of your being. Find that person and constantly strive to make their days better. Find them and be their happy place.

Find someone who allows you to be shamelessly you, and who inspires you to be the best version of yourself. Someone who lets you share your unfathomable aspirations, who makes elusive look achievable and believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Find them and understand their deepest desires, and support them unflinchingly for there is great power in belief and greater power in the belief of a loved one.

Find that person and do everything possible to never break their trust, and trust them not because you have to but because they never break yours.

And when you find that person never let them go.

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